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February 22, 2017
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September 29, 2017
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Most of the time when we photograph a dining room for Real Estate, it's pretty plain, but with a little thought and about 10 minutes of time, you can add some simple touches that will bring out the WOW factor in your dining room! It really doesn't take much; place settings and a splash of color can really bring the room to life! If you need to add a table cloth, make sure it's a neutral color that doesn't conflict with the color palette of the room.

Remember, they are not buying the furniture but it helps to demonstrate how the room could be used. Simple is always better.

Holiday Time
If your home is being photographed around holiday time, it's better to do the photography before the decorations go up. The reason is simple, if your home doesn't sell right away, your photos don't become dated. No one likes to see pumpkins in December or Christmas decorations in a listing photo in May!

One more thing, as part of your listing process you should always consult with your Real Estate Professional or a Certified Home Stager for additional tips on getting your home ready for professional photography.

Things to Remember

  • Keep it simple
  • Setup some place settings
  • Add a touch of color

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